Our Tours

Listed below are our normal range of tours. Keep watching as more tour destinations are coming soon. Outside these tour dates we are also available for private charters or personalised tours.

IMG_3812Cape York Tours

Experience the real adventure of driving yourself through one of the last great wilderness areas of Australia.

To stand at the most northerly point of mainland Australia is the dream of many who enjoy the quest to journey into remote areas.

Tagalong Tour Simpson Desert April 2013 080Simpson Desert Tours

The Simpson Desert occupies over 175,000 square kilometres of Central Australia and contains the world’s longest parallel sand dunes. Join us as we follow in the footsteps of the explorer Charles Sturt, who visited the region in 1845.

olgasTranscontinental Tour

This is the ultimate outback tour across the country, from watching a sunrise over the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, travelling through 4 states and 1 territory, through deserts and corner country to enjoy a relaxing sunset over the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Gorge Tour 2006 141Gulf Savannah Tours

The Gulf Savannah has a diverse range of landscapes, from grassy plains and monsoon woodlands, ranges and escarpments, broken by immense rivers and wetlands.