Gulf Savannah

Extending from the Great Dividing Range in the east, to the Northern Territory border in the west, the Gulf Savannah region covers an area of 186,000 square kilometres.

This is Australia’s quintessential outback, a true frontier, which also just happens to have some of the world’s best fishing and enviable weather for six months of the year

The Gulf Savannah offers the visitor kilometre upon kilometre of sweeping grass plains, changing landscapes, World Heritage fossil fields, historic towns, aboriginal rock art, gemstones and gold.

It has the natural phenomena of meandering river systems and tidal creeks that drain into the Gulf of Carpentaria, hot springs, lava tubes and spectacular gorges full of wildlife.

The small former mining towns out here have little more than a pub and a few houses, but the landscapes are incomparable. There are just two seasons that define Savannah life: the Wet (December to April) and the Dry (May to November).

Tour Itinerary

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