Frequently Asked Questions

We have never been four wheel driving before, does this matter?
We will guide and assist you in the basic skills of 4WDriving to suit the terrain in which we will be travelling. So if you are a beginner with your first 4WD you can be confident that we will get you through your big trip safely.

Do we get much time for sightseeing?
On our tours you will get plenty of time to explore, bushwalk, fish, photograph and take in the beauty and grandeur of the areas we visit.

What type of 4WD is suitable for these tours?
You will need a 4WD that has reasonably good ground clearance and also has a high/low transfer case. All wheel drive vehicles are not suitable for our tours. There are companies in Cairns where you can hire 4WD vehicles and all the relevant camping gear. Let us know if you are interested and we can provide you with their details.

Does my 4WD need to be modified in any way?
You will need to have an in-car UHF radio fitted for essential communication. If your vehicle is in good condition and is not overloaded it is more than adequate. However we do suggest a quality set of springs and shock absorbers for these tours, as well as All Terrain tyres with at least 70% tread. Also rated recovery points will need to be fitted to the vehicle and these are not to be just the standard tie down points.

Do I need to attend any training courses before hand?
If you are inexperienced at 4WDriving then by all means do so. On our tours you are given hands on 4WD training as you enjoy your adventure travel.

How long do we drive each day?
We try not to travel more than 300km per day. We usually discuss the following day’s events around the campfire at night, or at our morning briefing sessions before departure. We are normally on the road at 8.30am each morning and stop for lunch between 12pm-1pm. We stop at all points of interest throughout the day and try to set up camp well before sunset.

If our vehicle breaks down on the tour what happens?
We will do our best to get you going again but if we can’t, we will get you to where your vehicle can be repaired or arrange to have it recovered. We strongly recommend you have top cover with your state motoring association (RACV, NRMA, RACQ etc) and also take out travel insurance.

Are trailers allowed on your trips?
We only allow heavy duty off road camper trailers on some of our tours and we strongly recommend that your vehicle has an electric winch fitted.. The terrain we are accessing is very rugged in places with many difficult water crossings to overcome, especially on the Old Telegraph Track in Cape York. We do not allow trailers in the Simpson Desert however. We have a $300 surcharge on trailers to cover extra camping costs and additional barge fees. Contact us and we can discuss it further.

Are children welcome?
Of course. All well behaved children are most definitely welcome.

How do we know what to pack?
When we receive your booking form and deposit, a Briefing Kit with all the information you will need will be sent to you. It will contain lists of suggested food items, suggested spare parts, maps, camping requirements, hints on packing etc. Most people unfortunately take far too much gear, so pack wisely.

What are our camp facilities like?
Our tours provide a mixture of Campgrounds, National Parks and Bush Camps. In Cape York most camps have shower and toilet facilities and every bush camp has a cooking fire and BBQ plate available. You will be able to enjoy a bush shower where there is adequate water available. In the Simpson Desert and sections of the Transcontinental Tour however there are very few facilities.

What if I fall ill?
We are equipped with a UHF radio and a Satellite Telephone. We are first aid certified and we carry a first aid kit in case the need arises.

Do we pay for lots of extras?
Our tours include many extras as stated on the PRICES page on this website. These include cave tours, mine tours, museum tours, ferry charges and several dinners. However any fishing charters, ferry charges, boat trips, or any other elected trips or tours are done at your own expense. All the camping costs and National Parks permits are paid by us on every one of our tours.

How do I book a tour?
Please proceed to the Bookings page on our website, and complete the Booking Form. Then you simply hit the Submit button and it will then be automatically emailed to us. It’s that simple.